I came acriss an interesting article today that I feel really reinforces the education that Parker Automotive are providing via this blog. In short, maintaining your vehicle will save you money. It can do this in 2 different ways:

  1. By extending the life of your car.
  2. By improving your gas mileage.

You should take your car to a reputable auto shop and have it checked over. At Parker Automotive we offer 3 different levels of inspection:

  1. With every single oil change we will also look at the 9 basic systems within your vehicle.
  2. With our ‘Trip Check’ we look at 18 different items during a half hour check before you hit the road.
  3. Our ‘Pre-buy Inspection’ covers 50 items and takes around an hour. Although it is designed for inspecting a car you might like to buy, you can also use it as a thorough check-up for a car you already own.

We will talk a little more about how to maintain trust in your auto shop of choice in a future blog, so keep reading. In the meantime – drive safely.

With Regards