What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Brake fluid a hydraulic fluid in the brake system. Whenever you push down on the brake pedal, brake fluid goes to the calipers and/or wheel cylinders. That’s what produces the force that slows the wheels down.

Why Flush It?

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic (water absorbing) substance. This means that over time water can break it down, so it needs to be flushed every every 2 years, or according to owners manual. (American cars seem need more often than foreign cars.) Old brake fluid can actually eat away at the brake line which can cause leaks resulting in a complete loss of braking power in your vehicle.

Warning Signs

The following warning signs indicate a problem within your caqr’s braking system:

  • Red warning light says “brakes” on the dashboard is illuminated
  • The brake pedal feels low, spongy, or even goes all the way to the floor with little resistance.
  • Reduced braking action.
  • Brake fluid should be should be clear. If it’s dark brown or black – it needs to be changed.

Worst Case Scenario

There is not much to say here! The worst case scenario is a complete loss of your ability to brake!

Brake fluid, like other other fluids in your car needs to be checked and occasionally flushed to keep things running efficiently and safely. You can expect to pay around $90 to have your brake fluid flushed.

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