What Does Power Steering Fluid Do?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is pressurized by a pump to a steering gear.

Warning Signs

The following warning signs may indicate that there is a problem with your power steering:

  • You can hear a whining noise at low speeds when turning the wheel. This indicates that the power steering fluid level is low.
  • It requires an increased amount of effort to steer your car.
  • Power steering fluid is red in color – if it appears black then it needs to be changed.
  • You may see leaks on the ground that are a clear to brownish color depending on how old your pwer steering fluid actually is.

A Note to DIYers!

You should not attempt to DIY this! Flushing your power steering fluid requires the use of a specialist machine.

Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario is that without power steering it will become more difficult to steer your car. A complete loss of power steering has the potential to cause you to creash.

Like other lubricating fluids, your power steering fluid needs to be checked regularly and will occasionally need to be flushed. It is usually around $150 to have this carried out.

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