Welcome to our brand new, regualr blog feature about car maintenance. We believe that the more our customers know about car maintenance, the less likely they are to experience breakdowns and expensive repairs. With some basic car maintenance knowledge, you will also learn how to spot an honest mechanic and know when an unscrupulous one is just running up the cost of your bill!

Your car’s owner’s manual is going to have some specific recommendations about what to inspect and when to replace certain parts, but we can give you some general reccomendations that apply to most of the popular American, European and Japanese models. Today, we will start off by discussing Air Filters.

Air Filters

Your air filter should be inspected around once every 10,000 miles. At Parker automotive, we will actually inspect it as standard every single time you come in for an oil change. When your air filter gets dirty, you will find that your gas mileage drops considerably.

Your air filter needs to be replaced at least every 15,000 miles. This should cost somewhere in the region of $10-$30 depending on the model of your car.

In our next car maintenance feature we will be looking at batteries.

Wishing you safe and happy driving.

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