Last month, we talked about Summer auto care. This month I want to look in a little more detail at what happens to your car in the Summer heat!

  • Batteries – Heat can cause the acid and fluid inside your battery to expand which can result in leaks. Heat will also speed up the chemical reaction occuring inside your batter which can cause it to overcharge. Both of these are going to reduce the life of your battery.
  • Tires – Heat can cause your tire pressure to increase. If your tire is at all worn or has other weaknesses then it could very well blow out.
  • Radiators – A combination of heat and low coolant levels could result in your engine getting overheated.
  • Belts & Hoses – Heat can cause hoses to stretch and deteriorate which leads to the possibilit of leaks.
  • Air Conditioner – In the Summer we often use our A/C a lot, but continuously running it at full power is going to put strain on the system.

We fully recommend checking all of these areas regualrly during the Summer months, especially before embarking on a roadtrip or vacation!

Safe Travels.

With Regards,