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As part of the State of Colorado’s commitment to improving air quality in the Denver, Boulder and North Front Range; Air Care Colorado is implementing vehicle emissions testing. It is well documented that vehicles on our roads are a major contributor to air pollution which can lead to a long list of negative health effects. The vehicle emissions testing program has been designed to help reduce these harmful pollutants. For more information, you can visit the Air Care Colorado website.

Parker Automotive Inc. is a registered Air Care Colorado Emission Repair facility located in Parker, Colorado.


Helping You Pass the Emission Test

Failing an emission test multiple times is the last thing you want to happen, as retests are costly and time-consuming. If you want to avoid expensive retests, bring your vehicle to our highly rated emission repair facility. Our ASE-certified technicians will take care of the necessary emission repairs.


The Benefits of Emission Repair

It is vital to have properly operating vehicle emissions to ensure a reliable and safe vehicle. You will reap the following benefits when you have your emissions repaired by a professional technician:

  • Minimize pollutants including dangerous ozone precursor emissions
  • Cut down air pollution that results in harmful health effects
  • Boost the air quality in Parker and nearby areas
  • Increase the likelihood of passing the emission tests to save on additional testing expenses
Trusted Emission Repair Facility

When to Bring Your Vehicle for Emission Repair

Have your vehicle inspected directly after any emission testing failure issues. Moreover, it is best to have your auto checked immediately if you observe any of the following problems:

  • Fluid leaks below the engine area
  • Smoke coming out from the exhaust while driving or upon startup
  • A substantial lack of fuel economy

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